Inuatek A/S was founded in 2018 and has only grown in size since then. We are now a team of passionate, accomplished people. We are ready to innovate and guide you with our unique collection of skillsets and abilities. 

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Henrik Revsbech Dam
CEO & founder
Henrik has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunication research and management and has 15 patents in the telecommunication field.
Alexander Tietgen Bardram
Alexander holds a M.Sc. in telecommunication. Besides his technical specialities covering cloud services, AWS & NB-loT, he also works with business development and project management.
Peter Rico Ahlberg
Advisory Board Member
Peter has more than 20 years of experience in the process- and automation industry. With strong competences as a sales- and project director, he has delivered many successful large-scale automation projects. Peter has furthermore been a board member in companies in the automation industry and has been responsible for driving growth rates of +100%.
Keld Fernstrøm
Telecom Engineer
Keld holds a M.Sc. in telecommunication and a bachelor in nano-physics. He is a telecom specialist, SW developer and specializing in mathematical analysis and modeling of telecommunication systems.
Frederik Tobias Agerkvist Petersen
Telecom Engineer
Frederik holds a M.Sc. in Communication Technologies and System Design from DTU Fotonik and a bachelor in Network Technology and IT. As such, he is competent with both HW and SW development.
Mikkel Christiansen
Software Developer
Mikkel holds a M.Sc. in Cyber Security, and is specialised in Full Stack development and embedded hardware development. At Inuatek he primarily focuses on Full Stack development with security in mind.
Kasper Rindom Jeppesen
Software Developer
Kasper is a full-stack SW-developer, who specialises in frontend development.
Phillip Kjeldtoft Larsen
Software Developer
Philip is specialised in database development, database optimization and backend SW development.
Martinus Mortensen
Multimedia Designer
Martinus is a multimedia designer and software developer with a focus on frontend.
Jesper Koefoed Thøgersen
Software Developer
Jesper is studying a BSc. in electrical engineering at DTU, and is among other things assisting in SW and lab testing.
Otto Westy Rasmussen
Software Developer
Otto is studying a BSc in electrical engineering at DTU, and is specializing in embedded hardware development, and low level programming. At Inuatek he mostly assist in SW-development.
Helena Aguiar Dam
Helena has studied business finance and project management at the Innovation High School, Niels Brock. She is a core part of the company and the administration team. Amongst other important tasks, she takes care of our finances.


We put the customer first

As a rule, the customer has the last say. We’ll create solutions for your individual needs.

We strive for world-class in everything we do

Inuatek wants to be the best! It’s as simple as that. We won’t be satisfied with “good enough”.

We have passion and fun in what we do

We are a close team who believes in balancing professionalism and fun.

We only hire the best people in their respective fields

We make sure to work with the best and the brightest in their fields. 
We are cooperating with technical universities such as DTU, SDU, ITU, AAU, AU etc.

We strive for developing sustainable solutions

We care about the climate and want to contribute to a greener Earth through our solutions.

We inuavate

The Greenlandic word Inua means “the soul of things”. Innovation with a dash of Inuatek passion and soul? Inuavation!


Our vision is to be world-class at creating value from data.
Our mission is to connect and collect data, thereby enabling visualization, analytics, optimization and automation for the industry.


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    Michael Ferdinansen
    CEO, Secomea
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    Michael Ferdinansen
    CEO, Secomea
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    Michael Ferdinansen
    CEO, Secomea
    Inuatek A/S
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    1432 Copenhagen K
    Phone +45 4060 5508
    CVR: 40051244
    Email: info@inuatek.com
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