Release Note

DCC 2.2

New Features

IG-168 MQTT IoT Device support for SIA Connect and Teltonika
Support for SIA Connect and Teltonika devices has been added, supporting MQTT for pushing data Currently the configuration must be manually entered into the IoT device.
IG-169 IoT Administration improved to embrace new MQTT devices
In relation to adding support for MQTT devices, the IoT administration has been modified, so uses can now add a new IoT device, and select between SIA Connect or Teltonika (tested with model FMC640). The device is added to the topology tree supplementing SiteManager DCMs (SiteManagers are still added using the LinkManager Mobile client validation). The topology tree has been expanded with new icons and IIoT state, which makes it easier to get an overview of type of IoT device and machine state.
IG-217 Neutralized nomenclature for IoT devices and hosts in UI
With introduction of MQTT devices, the terms GateManager and SiteManager DCMs have been neutralized into more generic terms. The terms ROOT, Domain and Device are now used as generic terms.
IG-227 OEE calculation logic added to the backend for custom integrations
Added an OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) calculation to the backend system (DCC now supporting OEE projects, but without UI). Users can now measure and analyze the efficiency of their equipment based on availability, performance, and quality factors.
IG-228 Simple config of DCM sample points for most commonly used protocols
Introduced a simplified configuration UI for configuring sample points in the IoT Administration menu. This is now selected as default, and can be toggled Advanced (the normal JSON format) Aggregation must still be configured in the JSON format, as well as changes to Dataserver/Cloud configuration.
IG-245 Automatic inheritance of child dashboards
It is now possible as an admin to add a dashboard to a dashboard user, and have the parent dashboards automatically inherit child dashboards.
IG-260 Performance optimization of fleet management dashboards
The loading time of fleet management dashboards have been reduced considerably. This has been achieved by using multi sample points endpoint instead of loading each sample point individually.

Bug fixes

IG-48 Aspect-ratio not maintained when importing images into picture widget
In some case when importing images, the aspect-ratio was wrong. The width-component has now been removed from the picture widget, in order to keep aspect-ratio on imported images.
IG-68 Account email formatting missing in some cases, and with unknown attachment
For some email clients, the company logo was removed when sending an email. Previously, an "Untitled attachment" was attached in its place. This has been fixed.
IG-101 Deadlocks occur in Alarm broker in certain cases
Before the alarm broker handled alarms concurrently, and in some rare cases dead-locks could occur. Now the alarm broker uses channels, so that deadlocks are avoided.
IG-114 Styling of some widgets could be distorted as result of system updates
In relation to some widget optimizations, some widgets in existing dashboards could be distorted in relation to updates. Now backwards compatibility measures have been implemented to assure backwards compatibility.
IG-157 Unable to delete logistics data for a dcm
Users were unable to delete logistics data on a template, and were granted "permission denied", the issue has now been fixed.
IG-199 WSS-broker enters infinite loop if Redis server is not available
In cases where the Redis server was not available at system startup, the WSS broker would enter an infinite loop. Now the Redis service will either connect with a fixed or an increasing interval.
IG-224 Creating new logistic alarms could cause main process to crash
The DCC could crash when attempting to create a new logistic alarm - due to an 'undefined' value. This has been fixed.

Security Advisory

IG-352 In some cases a user could change his own role
This has been fixed.


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    Michael Ferdinansen
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